“Goals keep you focused on something in the future, instead of being present and enjoying what you’re doing right now. Goals keep you fixed on one path, which might not be the best path in a week or a month or a year. They keep you fixated on one thing, rather than being open to new opportunities, being flexible as the landscape changes, being free to pursue something you’re newly passionate about rather than sticking to something you’re tired of.

Being liberated from goals means you will always be excited about what you’re doing. And yes, you’ll accomplish things. You’ll get somewhere great—you just might not have known you’d ever end up there when you started.

Go get excited about something. Sometimes that’s through setting goals, but it could be other ways: inspiration from someone else doing something, setting a challenge for yourself, joining a group doing something exciting, or just waking up and wanting to do something great. Or you put on ‘Hey Mama’ by Black Eyed Peas and start shaking your booty and want to get moving. Get excited, and do stuff. And also: shake yo bambama.”

Leo Babauta, Taxi Global Creative Network via happiness is born at win .

Tegenwoordig zijn we vaak te gefixeerd op ‘vooruit komen int leven’ zonder stil te staan bij wat we nu leuk vinden. Door af en toe wat meer te genieten, zelfs van kleine dingen, geef je jezelf de kans nieuwe ontdekkingen te doen. Het leven eens door een andere bril bekijken, dan door die van prestatiedrang, kan bevrijdend werken.



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